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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monkey Boy boooooooogies

Call to arms!

Unfortunately Monkey Boy, Heshel, Garfinkel and Fido have been struck down with the flu. We will not be able to attend the launch of the Euston Manifesto. If anyone is to attend please send us your photos and reports of the event to this email:

The Eustanoids have so far treated our movement with contempt and fear. We have attempted to open a dialogue, yet we were rejected. On one occasion a Eustonoid has written a poem insulting the leader of the "couter-revolutionary Manifesto" with the following words:

Monkey Boy. Monkey Boy
Doesn’t have a blog, or if he does he doesn’t say

Monkey Boy, Monkey Boy
Overdone the grog now bugger off (go away)

First let me say Monkey Boy does have a blog and if he read our manifesto he would have seen this passage article 3: For this purpose we have setup the blog "Muscular Liberals Watch". No need to link coz you're on it."

Despite the childish tactics of the "Muscular Liberals" we shall continue in our struggle. In the words of Ghandi First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” And we will win!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Those crazy Euston Manifesto types!

The wonderful work of ihopeyougetcancer

Stop them!!

Stop them. For the sake of this child!:

The Brain must be stopped. Norm (Euston Manifesto ideologue) or codename "the brain" wants to, well the pic will explain:

Monday, April 24, 2006

Our anthem!!!

We have recieved many an email requesting a song or anthem that can summarise what we here are all about. Well my supporters this is what you're looking for.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Hitch devising his latest work

Monkey Boy found this article by GreyWolf in the comments box of the superooo Chris Hitchens Watch blog. I paste it as is:

C. Hitchens / Idea for future Slate column

When shuffling through the debris of one of Saddam's palaces (actual location classified), US marines came upon a cardboard box containing 240 ping-pong balls, along with a printout of some instructions, taken off the internet, on how to turn them into stinkbombs by filling them with peanut butter, Havanna tobacco and just a sash of single malt. Even more sinister was the presence in an adjacent closet of 48 table tennis bats, which could have easily served as mobile launchers for the said stinkbombs.

A panel of top US military experts and senior churchmen from several denominations examined the matter thoroughly and issued a top-secret report (leaked to CH by a senior member of a neoconservative thinktank with close links to the Pentagon and the State Department). The report concluded that if some or all of these crude stinkbombs had been set off inside or lobbed into churches on a Sunday morning, they would have severely disrupted any on-going services.

Hence they were by definition de-facto Weapons of Mass Destruction - a revelation that leaves the anti-war phony pacifists without a leg to stand on.

Fifteen members of the Iraqi Olympic ping-pong team are currently helping the CIA with their inquiries at the Abu Grahib Dignified Debriefing & Comfotable Conversation Center, and reliable testimony has been obtained that a plot to cause havoc at St. Dominic's Cathedral in New York and St. Pauls in London was in the works under the supervision of Urday and Kusai, the Iraqi equivalent of the Cray twins, who had personally warned the team in no uncertain terms that if their pings failed to pong, they could expect to have their balls broken and their bats inserted between the lips they never kiss with.

Its a mad, mad, world out there!!

Could this be true? Could muscular liberal Peter Tatchell finally have settled down and tied the knot? Could he have married the potty Michelle Malkin? Can this photo be doctored? Well I tend to think that the photo has to be authentic. Here she fully endorses the muscular liberal manifesto, so its only logical to deduce - ala Chris Hitchens logic - that they have must hit off, you know being fellow comrades and all that!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sign the Manifesto!

You can now show your support. Sign the manifesto now (link below):

Also contact us with your enquiries

Nick in that pub

Another photo of our antithesis Nick Cohen. One of our comrades caught this photo (yes, that historic moment) while Nick was in that infamous pub in Euston.

Call to arms!!

Our friend and fellow top notch academic Orange Fuzzy Monster has seriously been considering signing our manifesto. He seems to side with us, as he should coz were so just right, but seems hung up over some of our points. We totally understand how difficult this is for him, after all this is a life shattering and above all historic moment. This is our call to arms! Fellow counter-revolutionaries get out there and convince the Orange Fuzzy Monster. Boy, do I have memories with that rascal!

Monday, April 17, 2006

George says

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A secret plot!!

We have been following the different alliances formed by muscular liberals with "Civil Liberty" an organ of the far right BNP. In their recent rally in Trafalgar Square I interviewed a certain "John" who acknowledges "We in the BNP have fallen in love with the muscular liberals. Sure we may disagree but we understand that George Galloway and his alliance of troto-islamo-stalino fascists are running Britian through their underground cells. Some of their ideas even merge with ours. For example we believe that a modern state should have some interventionist policies. We also believe in an internationalist policy of the British empire. I think muscular liberals can agree with us on that one. Essentially they can be called the left wing BNP".

Upon hearing this I literally was spinning in excitement- after finding like minded revolutionaries here . Through my investigative work on the internet and use of the wayback machine website I have uncovered a sinister plot. On this comments box we can see a clear BNP member supporting the march for freedom of expression. We also know that the BNP have officially supported the musuclar liberals. We must ask ourselves how these rightwing falangists so fascinate a group of public school boys? That is a story monkey boy will expose for you on a later date. Stay in tune!

Monkey Boy (Chairman of the Counter Revolutionary Manifesto movement)

Its the bubbles, darn it, its the bubbles

Its the bubbles. If only we realised earlier.

A picture of the historic moment that shook history

We have been snowballed with emails requesting that we show a picture of the historic moment in which we wrote our counter revolutionary manifesto. First let me thank all those who have emailed us, even those who were not very complimenatry (yes, we have recieved death threats). But true democrats must bow down to the pressure of the masses. Above we have produced an image that shook history from its very core.